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For over 21 years, Michael A. Neal, P.C. has been helping clients in Marion, Linn, Polk, and Benton counties of Oregon in a wide range of family-law matters. Mr. Neal is recognized for his expertise, discretion, and compassionate support for his clients. To discuss your case, contact our firm today. He offers free initial consultations in family-law cases.



For over 21 years, Michael neal has been representing clients throughout the Willamette Valley in divorce proceedings and the many issues that accompany dissolution of marriage. He can help you not only obtain a divorce, but seek methods of resolution that save you time and money and avoid the courtroom. Matters like property distribution and spousal support can be emotionally charged and lead to bitter disputes. He understand the volatile nature of these issues and can help you seek a prompt resolution that will be in your best interests – and the best interests of your family.
When divorcing spouses are also parents, the legal matters involved can become even more complex and difficult to solve. In the middle of a divorce, children are especially vulnerable and subject to traumatic disagreements between the parents. He strives to protect the best interests of children involved in these disputes while seeking amicable resolutions. Child custody, support, and visitation rights are determined by a number of factors which can be confusing and frustrating for your absent experienced legal counsel. He can help you emerge from your divorce without losing the opportunity to remain an integral part of your child's life.
He also help clients obtain modifications to their custody, support, and visitation orders. A change in circumstances or financial stability can result in a need for these modifications. For example, a paternity claim can help a single mother establish the father's parentage and thereby require him to make child support payments. Grandparents' rights can be ordered for visitation or even custody upon a showing that the grandparents are a positive and necessary presence in a child's life. He can help you navigate all of these issues and provide you with the opportunity to obtain the court-ordered rights you deserve.

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